Step 2 Work out your business and household budget

​Personal costs

Clothing and footwear

The amount you spend on clothing will vary depending on your circumstances. As a rough guide, allow £3 to £5 for each person each week (or around £22 for each person each month. Include other dependants, but only include non-dependants if you pay for their clothing. If there are reasons why you need to spend more on clothing, for example, because of wear and tear due to a disability, make sure you use the additional notes section in your budget summary to tell your creditors the reason why.

Other spending

Extra advice:

be careful!

If you don't take account of extra expenses, or if your figures are much below our guidelines, you may find it more difficult to stick to any long-term repayment plan. This could lead you into greater difficulties. ​​

If you have other spending that is not listed in any of the outgoings sections, add it in by clicking on Add a new outgoing. Things that you might want to add include postage costs, holidays and so on. Do not include any payments towards your debts.

Extra advice:

it's your budget

Your household's outgoings will be different from another household's. We have given some guideline figures for housekeeping and clothing. But remember, you may not spend as much as someone else, or you may have extra expenses because of your circumstances such as a special diet, the cost of a uniform at work, extra transport costs due to disability, or if you live in a rural community and so on. It is your personal budget, so the figures should be your own.