Sample letter

Write off the debt second request (sole name)

Letter in joint names

You can choose to send a letter in your own name or in joint names. You may have a debt in joint names, or want to write to your creditors together because you have worked out a joint budget.

​Use this letter to ask your creditor to reconsider their refusal to write off your debt. Contact us for advice before using this letter.

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  • Sign each letter and enclose a copy of your budget if needed.

25 November 2020

Dear Sir/Madam

Account No:

Thank you for your concerning the above account. I am sorry that you are unable to write off the outstanding debt.

The majority of my creditors have agreed to write off the debts I owe. They have accepted that my circumstances mean that I cannot realistically maintain payments of any kind.

I would therefore be grateful if you would reconsider writing off this debt. Please take the following information into account when making your decision.


I would therefore be grateful if you would reconsider writing off this debt. If you do not agree to this request, please consider accepting token payments on this account of £1 per month. As you will see from the enclosed budget summary I have no available income and I am not in a position to make realistic offers of payment. Also, please freeze any interest and charges on the account to avoid the situation getting worse.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully