Sample letter

Ask your creditors to cancel a money judgment (sole name)

​Use this letter when you have received a notice of intention to enforce a money judgement, but are unable to pay the amount requested and you want to negotiate an affordable payment arrangement.


25 November 2020

Dear Sir/Madam


Account / court reference number:

I have recently received a letter dated concerning a notice of intention to enforce a money judgment with regard to the above account.

I advise I am unable to pay the sum of £ immediately and would be grateful if you could consider an arrangement to settle this matter without the need for enforcement action.

As you will see from the business and household budget sheet which I have enclosed, I am able to make a repayment proposal of £per month. This is based on my income and expenditure, and a pro rata of distribution of available income. I agree to review these repayments every six months, or after a time period acceptable to you, in order to ensure the repayments reflect my financial circumstances.

I believe this sum represents a realistic amount in light of my financial circumstances. I therefore hope that you will be able to accept the repayment schedule, and subsequently contact the Enforcement of Judgments Office in order to cease the current action.

In light of the impending money judgement I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully