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National Debtline

Advice you can trust

Business Debtline

Providing free expert debt advice to the self-employed and small businesses

Using this website will help you take the important steps to deal with your business and personal debts.

How we can help you

Business Debtline is a charity run by the Money Advice Trust. We are a free debt advice service for the self-employed and small businesses in England, Wales and Scotland. We have helped thousands of people deal with their debts. Our team of expert debt advisers care about improving your situation and will help you to take control of your debts.

On this site you will find all you need to get started on your debt free journey. There are guides, fact sheets, budgeting tools and sample letters to help you write to your creditors. You can also get debt advice by using our webchat service or by calling our helpline.

Our debt advisers come from a variety of different backgrounds. All of them are dedicated to helping you tackle your debts.

You can tell us

If you have a personal, health or other issue that is making it harder to manage your finances you can tell us.

If you tell us, it could help us to provide you with a better service. We'll also keep the information confidential.


To protect your confidentiality, we do not use "caller display" equipment. This means our debt advisers cannot see your number displayed on a screen when you ring. They also have a permanent block on the "caller return" service. This means that if they ring you back, our number will not be announced as the last number to ring you to anyone dialling "1471". This is in case you don't want anyone to know that we have contacted you.

Online debt advice

Our website is available 24 hours a day. You can work through our four simple steps for dealing with your debt or visit our debt topics area for a specific answer. Complete a business and household budget to help you work out how much you can afford to pay your creditors. Our sample letter suit will help you to write to your creditors.



Webchat for debt advice

If you need advice whilst browsing our website you can chat with one of our online specialist debt advisers. They can help you with anything from a simple query to full debt advice.

Our webchat service is available

Monday - Friday 9am- 8pm 


Email for debt advice

If you would prefer to receive advice by email you can request an from email one of our online specialist debt advisers. They can help you with anything from a simple query to full debt advice.

Our email service is available

Monday - Friday 9am- 8pm 


Call us for debt advice

Our dedicated team of debt advisers are ready to help you deal with your debt. When you call, our debt advisers will talk you through your options. They will give you clear advice on how you can move forward with your debt. 

Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm

Do you have mental health difficulties?

If you have mental health difficulties, extra help is available. There are a number of organisations that may be able to provide you with different types of support. Some of these are listed below.

Anxiety UK supports those living with anxiety disorders by providing information, support and understanding through a range of different services.

Mind provide confidential advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Rethink Mental Illness has a national helpline and local run services and support groups for people living with mental illness, their carers and relatives.

Samaritans are there to help you explore your options, understand your problems better, or will just be there to listen.

Sane provides care and emotional support for people with mental health problems, their families and carers as well as information for other organisations and the public.



Companies that charge for debt advice

You may come across companies offering to sort out your debts if you pay a fee. Always check what the company will do for you before sending them any money. Some companies say they will get your creditors to write off part, or all, of your debts. Unless you have special circumstances, this is unlikely to happen. Remember to use a free and impartial debt advice service. The money you would have paid to a fee charging organisation is better used to pay off your debts.

Ask the company if they are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority has issued rules and guidance on minimum standards for debt management companies. You can use the rules and guidelines to make a complaint if the company does not follow them. You can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint to the company.

Professional advice on dealing with your debts is always available free from agencies such as Citizens Advice, money advice centres, or by contacting Business Debtline.