Step 3 Dealing with your priority debts

​Dealing with your priority debts

Help with your priority debts

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You’ve worked out your business and household income and outgoings (see Step 2). Now you need to work out which are the most important debts – the ones you need to start paying off first. The rest of this section contains useful information about the following priority debts, including guidance on what to do and how much to pay.

Business priority debts Household priority debts
Business mortgage and rent arrears Household mortgage and rent
Business rates Council tax
Business gas, electricity and water charges ​Household gas and electricity
Income tax, VAT and National Insurance TV licence
Hire purchase, conditional sale and equipment leases Court fines
Major suppliers Parking penalty charges
​Some business overdrafts and loans Child maintenance
Accountant fees Tax-credit and benefit overpayments
Hire purchase or conditional sale