Step 1 increasing your income



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Use this simple checklist to make sure you have done all you can to increase your income.

Look at ways to increase your business income

Make sure you have looked at ways you can increase the amount of money coming into your business. There may also be loans, grants and funding you can apply for.

Ways of increasing your business income

Are your business customers paying you on time?

It is important that your customers pay you on time to make sure you can pay your own bills and debts for your business and your home.

Late payments and bad debts

Get benefits and tax credits or Universal Credit

Make sure you are getting all the benefits, tax credits or Universal Credit that you should. Can you get help with your rent or mortgage payments, or a reduction on your council tax? Do you need extra help because of illness or disability?

Benefits, tax credits and Universal Credit

If you are also employed, is your employer paying you at least the minimum wage?

Not all employers pay what they should by law. Check you are being paid the right amount.

Minimum wage

Are you paying too much tax?

Are you getting all the tax reliefs and tax allowances that you can? Check this with HM Revenue & Customs.


Are others paying you enough?

Should a former partner be paying child maintenance but they are not? If people are staying with you, are they paying enough to cover their keep? Check how much they are really costing you and ask them to pay more if necessary.

Money from other people

Do you have payment protection insurance?

Have you taken out payment protection insurance to make payments to your creditors if you are unemployed or in financial difficulties?

Money from insurance

Can you rent a room out?

Do you have a spare room you could rent to a lodger to make some extra income?

Renting out a room

Can you get an advance, a budgeting loan or help from the Scottish Welfare Fund?

Could you get a short-term advance, a budgeting loan or a budgeting advance from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to help you pay for an essential item? Could you get help from your local council through the Scottish Welfare Fund?

Help from grants, advances and loans

Staying on at school?

You may be able to get help with the costs of your children staying on at school or college.

Financial help for people aged 16 - 19

Can you cut your energy or water bills?

Can you save money by using less energy or by switching to a different energy supplier? Can a trust fund help you with your energy bill or other costs? Can you cut your energy bills by adding insulation and heating improvements to your home?

Help with gas, electricity, water and sewerage costs