Council tax arrears

​Council tax arrears are a priority debt. This means that the council has strong powers to get their money back.

Business Debtline can give you advice and information on the types of action your council can take against you and how you can negotiate with them to pay what you owe.

Dealing with your priority debts and Council tax for more information on how to deal with council tax arrears.

We have a fact sheet that can help you if the council is taking further action against you to recover council tax arrears.

See our fact sheet:

Council tax recovery.




This fact sheet tells you about the 'summary warrant' procedure used to recover council tax arrears. It explains what steps the council must take, and what will happen if you do not pay. It also covers your options for dealing with the debt.

Use this fact sheet to:

  • understand the summary warrant procedure;
  • work out your options for dealing with the debt; and
  • help you apply for a time to pay order.

This fact sheet includes a sample time to pay application.