Business unsecured overdrafts, loans and credit cards

​Unsecured business overdrafts, loans and credit cards can normally be treated as non-priority debts. This means you can negotiate with them in the same way as personal unsecured overdrafts, loans and credit cards.

Dealing with your non-priority debts

You may want to treat these debts as priority debts because the bank can take money out of any accounts you have with them to pay their debt. This only applies if the accounts are in the same name.

See our fact sheet:

Safe bank accounts.

If you have accounts with the same bank for business banking and personal banking you should consider moving one of your accounts to another bank. This is because the bank can move money from any of your accounts to pay a debt owed to them. If you have trouble moving your account to another bank, there are basic bank accounts available which don’t offer any credit facilities such as an overdraft. Contact us for advice.


limited companies

Different rules may apply if you are a director of a limited company. Contact us for advice.

You may also want to treat your unsecured business lending as a priority debt if you will find it hard to get the same facilities, such as an overdraft, with another bank.

Dealing with your priority debts and Business overdrafts and loans