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Lucy - webchat

Lucy is one of our webchat advisers

She has worked as a debt adviser for 6 years. Lucy has a huge passion for helping small businesses and will shout it to any one who will listen. She is a real asset to Business Debtline.


 Content Editor


Did you have any experience of working with the self-employed? 

Not as such. My sister is self-employed; she started as a sole trader and is now director of her own company. I helped her a lot through the process. Whilst working for National Debtline I became a qualified money adviser and am now certified by the Institute of Money Advisers. Doing the course ignited my passion for business debt advice.  

What was your training like? 

The training was intense but it enhanced what I already knew. You will never come out of training being a Business Debtline adviser. Every day we learn something new. When I started taking calls they were definitely more challenging. Our calls are longer and our clients can have some quite complex situations. The most important thing I learned in training was how passionate we all are about small business. Our service is unique so passion and drive is important as we are often the only ones who can help.

Describe Business Debtline in three words

"empathetic, experts, unique"


What does a successful day look like for you?  

For me, a good day ends with me ensuring that I have helped someone. Being able to set up an action plan to save a business or a home ensures that I can make a difference in someone’s life. I love being able to find an answer for someone who has quite a complex issue. We do a lot of research in-house so it is wonderful when we find an answer to something that has baffled us. I recently did a lot of research about community companies as we have had quite a few calling in. The team were very positive about it and we can now help more people who call us. 

What do you like most about working here?  

I have a huge amount of job satisfaction. We are such a close team. We are always sharing information and knowledge. There is such a wealth of experience at Business Debtline. Everybody adds value to the service. Any information or guidance is appreciated no matter how long you have been here.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Breaking bad news is difficult. We don’t have a magic wand, so can’t always fix it. We are experts, but aren’t legally trained. It can be hard when we reach the limits of our advice and have to refer to a solicitor. A lot of our clients can’t afford legal advice so we have to try hard to signpost where we can. I use these instances as motivation to keep researching so we can help more people.

Tell us about life outside of Business Debtline.  

I love to travel. I’ve just had a lovely holiday in Canada. I went to a few baseball games and really enjoyed them. My dream would be to go on a winter holiday to Greenland. I like cross stitch and needlework and have just taken up crochet. I also read non-stop. I am not happy unless I have a good book on the go.