Name: Liz

Age: 38

Role: adviser

Time at BDL: eight years


Liz has been with us for over eight years. She is quite easily the most bubbly and cheerful person on the team, and we are a rather cheerful bunch! Liz's love for all things small business related is really infectious. She never forgets about the person behind the business and is the real heart of Business Debtline.  

What led you to work for Business Debtline?

I previously worked in the customer resolutions centre at Vodafone. I really enjoy helping people and get a real sense of pride and achievement from making a positive difference to someone's day. I initially applied for a debt adviser role at National Debtline and was offered the post for Business Debtline. When I first started I was overwhelmed by how much I needed to know. My partner told me I was even quoting bailiff law in my sleep! Luckily there were four of us starting Business Debtline training at the same time so I wasn't alone and we had fantastic support from the team. Debt advice is now second nature to me.     

Do you have any prior experience of working with the self-employed? 

My experience comes from working with my family. My dad had a few small businesses whilst I was growing up. They were always family businesses so we all mucked in. Even at a young age I was given the role of dusting and making tea. I picked up a lot over the years as business was always the topic of conversation at the dinner table. The family business traded through the 1980's and back then it was really difficult to operate a small business due to the economic climate. I witnessed the effects a failed business can have on a family first hand. I can identify with a lot of the problems our callers have.

Describe Business Debtline in three words

"Unique, free, awesome"

What does a successful day look like for you?  

My working day always starts with a quick cup of tea to ready myself for my first call of the day. A successful day at work involves me offering practical and useful advice to as many people as possible. This may involve talking a caller though the bankruptcy process, or calming someone who is worried about having to go to court. Every day at Business Debtline is a successful day. With every call we take we know that we have made a difference to that client. Unfortunately we don't have a magic wand but we know that by seeking free debt advice from Business Debtline, our clients feel less alone and more empowered to deal with their debt.  

What do you like most about working here?  

"There are so many things I love about working here. We have a fantastic team on Business Debtline and my colleagues are definitely my friends. We have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As a bonus I feel good about what we do and am very proud to be a part of such a unique service"   

What’s the hardest part of your job?

It's hard getting a call from someone that is very upset and distressed about their circumstances. The mother in me wants to give them a cuddle, or sit them down over a cup of tea whilst reassuring them that everything is going to be OK. Giving telephone advice doesn't hinder us from being supportive and empathetic. People tend to feel much better having spoken to Business Debtline. We are always able to give practical and supportive advice that is tailored to the caller's individual needs. Our clients leave us feeling much better and not as consumed by their situation as they were before they called.

What do you do to relax outside of work?  

I don't get much time to relax as I have a very bouncy three year-old daughter. I find that she takes up most of my free time. To my shame, I often find myself zoned out watching Peppa Pig on my own long after she has gone to bed. In the rare moment where I do get time to myself I love to roller-skate. I'm not very good at it but love it all the same. I also play the cello (badly) and like to be creative. I'm often up-cycling an old cupboard or making my own chair covers. Unfortunately I rarely get a project finished before starting a new one.  

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