Name: Josh

Age: 33

Role: team manager

Time at BDL: two years


Josh has over 6 years of debt advice experience. He joined Business Debtline as a team manager after 4 years of advising on National Debtline. Josh is a keen gardener and  loves DIY. He also has a lot of love for all things Formula 1.

What led you to work for Business Debtline?

I enjoy managing people and have always had an interest in finance. My experience comes from working in the banking industry and specifically with the self-employed. I was working as a debt adviser on National Debtline and provided cover for team managers alongside my normal job. Working for National Debtline helped me to appreciate the challenges faced by people in today's economic climate. When a team manager vacancy came up at Business Debtline I jumped at it. I knew I could use my finance background and understanding to help the service and the clients we serve.

What was your training like? 

The training for Business Debtline was designed to build on the knowledge base I had already gained from National Debtline. It was very detailed and extensive. There were a lot of subtle differences that I had to get my head around. The Business Debtline team were very supportive and always willing to answer any questions I had. We have an overwhelming amount of experience on Business Debtline. The knowledge our advisers have is astounding. 

Describe Business Debtline in three words

"Experts, helpful, dedicated"

What does a successful day look like for you?  

Every day is heralded a success as we are committed to answering as many calls as we can. We also like to get updates from clients who we have helped. It's nice to hear that someone has managed to keep their business trading as a  result of the advice they received from us. As a team it keeps us focussed on the task at hand, ensuring that those who use our service are able to manage their finances and continue to trade.

What do you like most about working here?  

"I have always admired those who have the courage and aptitude to make their own way in the world. I find that the self-employed are very focussed and exceptionally brave. My job is very rewarding. "   

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Keeping abreast of new developments and niche businesses. Sometimes we get a client who doesn't fall in to the sole trader/ partnership/limited company box. We never turn anyone away for advice so research is key for us. Every day we learn something new that helps us to help more people.

Tell us about life outside of Business Debtline.  

Most of my time outside of work is spent entertaining my one year-old daughter. I really enjoy gardening and DIY, which is lucky as my wife always manages to find a job for me to do.  I love Formula 1 motor racing and am a massive fan of Lewis Hamilton. I have a little soft spot for team McLaren.   

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